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Welcome To The Kismet Inn

How it all began

Kismet, meaning fate or destiny, originated around 1925
when the Weiss family purchased a tract of land running
from the bay to the ocean and put in Oak and Pine Walk.
Then they dug out the marina and called the whole area
Kismet Park.

The original Kismet Inn, was located where the existing
Kismet Market stands, but it was destroyed by the
hurricane of 1938. The present location of the Inn was
originally a general store and  workshop. The Weiss
family used it to service their small ferry, aptly called

During the 1940’s, Fire Island was quiet due to the war.
Afterwards, the island gained popularity and Kismet
began to grow. In 1953, Dick Greenamyer bought the
Kismet Park Corporation including the waterworks,
sidewalks, inn, marina, and some remaining lots that
hadn’t been sold by the Weiss family. Kismet continued to
expand and by 1955, Lighthouse Shores on the west side
and Seabay Beach on the east side where established.
Over the years, they merged into the community that we
call Kismet.

The Kismet Inn was the hub of activity and the main
gathering place for homeowners and boaters alike from
then on.

Larry Cole arrived in Kismet to work at the Inn in 1958
when he was just 17 years old. Today he is the proud
owner, and with the help of his dedicated family and
friendly staff, operates the oldest establishment on Fire Island.

Thank you for sharing this unique place with us. We
know you will enjoy it and respect it like we do.

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* Please Note - We do NOT rent out rooms

for Kismet Rentals please visit Margarita Villas
P.O. Box 428-M, Kismet, Fire Island, NY 11706 | 631-583-5592
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